Services Available

Self-Assisted Core Services

“Self-Assisted” core services are free of charge to any customer wishing to access information only such as publications and forms, use of the computers in the Resource Room to search and apply for jobs without staff assistance, partner agency services, types of training programs, self-administered skills assessment, labor market information, supportive services, employability skills, and available workshops.

“Staff-Assisted” core services are when a staff person provides individualized assistance by providing initial eligibility determination for services beyond core, counseling including administering specific skills assessments, job search assistance, job referrals, and specialized labor market information. These services are also available free of charge, however we require that the customer be registered and enrolled in the WIA system if they access beyond self-assisted core services. Please visit the “Registration and Enrollment Information” Section of this website to familiarize yourself with the forms and documentation required.

Intensive Services

For those customers who have accessed core services, but are still unable to secure employment we can provide Intensive Services. These services include specialized skill level assessments, in-depth interviewing and evaluation, development of an individual career plan, participation in skills development workshops, group counseling, supportive services, case management and more. WIA enrollment is required for Intensive Services.

Training Services

Customers that cannot find employment that will lead to self-sufficiency after accessing core and intensive services may require training services. These types of training services are usually in the form of an Individual Training Account (ITA) to access post-secondary education or vocational training or placement in an On-The-Job training (OJT) with a local employer. Counselors will work with these customers to ensure that the training undertaken is relevant to the local jobs available in the area and that the customer accesses all available funding to support training such as TAP and PELL assistance, etc. WIA enrollment is required for Training Services.