Services Available

Serving our youth population is of special importance to us as you are the future of our workforce. We provide access to special services and programs to youth ages 16-24 designed to assist you in achieving academic and employment success. WIA law mandates that these 10 elements be available to all youth receiving WIA services. WIOA law mandates that these 14 elements be available to all youth receiving WIOA services.

  1. Tutoring, study Skills Training, instruction and dropout prevention (ISY)
  2. Alternative secondary school services or dropout recovery services (OSY)
  3. Paid and Unpaid Work Experience
  4. Occupational Skills Training
  5. Education offered concurrently with workforce preparation and training for a specific occupation
  6. Leadership Development opportunities
  7. Supportive Services
  8. Adult Mentoring
  9. Follow Up Services
  10. Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling
  11. Financial Literacy Education
  12. Entrepreneurial Skills Training
  13. Services that provide Labor Market Information
  14. Postsecondary preparation and transition activities