Registration and Enrollment Information

In order to receive services beyond self-assisted core, a customer must be registered and enrolled in the WIA system. It is mandatory that we gather certain information from our customers as our services are federally-funded and we must meet certain reporting requirements. Enrollment is a fairly easy process and you can review the documentation required below. If you plan on visiting a One Stop Center, please feel free to print out the forms and bring them in with you. It will make your enrollment process easier and faster and enable you to begin accessing services right away. If you do not have some the required documentation readily available, please let the Counselor working with you know and plan to bring it back with you on another visit.

The following documentation is required for WIA enrollment.

  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s License or another Picture ID
  • Birth Certificate/Passport
  • Verification of current wages (paystub, W-2, statement from employer)
  • DD214, Copy 4, (Long Form) for Veterans
  • In addition, any males 18 and over must be registered with Selective Service prior to their 26th birthday.

Verification of this information is required at the time of enrollment, however a staff person will only need to verify that they have checked the documentation and will not necessarily need to keep a paper copy. All information submitted is confidential and staff persons accessing your information are bound by a confidentiality agreement with New York State Department of Labor.

The following forms will also be need to complete WIA enrollment.

If you are seeking training funds assistance, please also complete and bring with you the following forms. The information requested on these forms is voluntary, but please note that providing this information will help us to help you be successful. Most of this information is needed to only determine if you can benefit from other services offered by our Partner agencies.

  • Financial Needs Assessment
  • Basic Needs Assessment